Flaking Mill Rolls

  • Ideal for crushing corn, grain and rice for engineered products
  • flaking corn, rice and grain for cereal production
  • bio fuel production
  • cereal production
  • wet or dry milling

Flaking Rolls produce corn, bran, wheat and rice flakes for the cereal industry. In a flaking mill application, two rolls are used to form a high-pressure nip that crushes the pellets into flakes.
Because this process requires the roll surface be cooled, PFE Flaking Rolls are an ideal solution. Our Flaking rolls have precision internal passages for cooling fluid, which lowers the temperature of the precision-hardened outer shell to the precise requirements of each application.
PFE rolls hold close tolerances on the critical dimensions for reliable operation and consistent process results. Our mill rolls can be ground to 0.005 mm (0.0002 inches) T.I.R.
Full documentation is provided with each roll, including all material certifications, heat treatment tables, pressure test results and external dimensions with GD&T.