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Tidland Raptor Series Torque Chucks

  • Torque activated, continuous expansion insures consistent web tension throughout roll set
  • Expansion, retraction and disengagement requires no operator intervention, tools or air supply
  • Durable construction reduces total cost of ownership
  • Absolute core centering for consistent web in-feed into downstream processes
  • Wide-footprint lug is non-destructive to cores
  • Toolless adapters for easy changes from one core size to another

Tidland's shaftless Chucks are ideal for continuous-duty shaftless applications in corrugating, sheeting, paper finishing or laminating. The unique design is extremely robust, easy to maintain and core-friendly. Ease of removal and insertion improve overall throughput while reducing waste associated with jammed cores.

Tidland’s Raptor Series torque chucks also offer unique ergonomic benefits to operators. Routine maintenance and core size changes can be made without removing the entire chuck from the machine, reducing downtime and the risk of injury due to heavy lifting. The toolless adapter allows users to switch core sizes in two steps, taking less than five seconds overall.

Tidland Torque Chuck Specifications per Nominal Core Size

  • Nominal Core Size76.2 mm3 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight3,181.8 kg7,015 lb
  • Mounting Bolt Circle Diameter133.4 mm5.25 inches
  • Flange Width33 mm1.3 inches
  • Nominal Core Size101.6 mm4 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight4,000 kg8,818 lb
  • Mounting Bolt Circle Diameter152.4 mm6 inches
  • Flange Width33 mm1.3 inches
  • Nominal Core Size152.4 mm6 inches
  • Maximum Roll Weight8,727.3 kg19,240 lb
  • Mounting Bolt Circle Diameter196.9 mm7.75 inches
  • Flange Width36.8 mm1.45 inches