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Tidland W Series Knifeholders

  • Robust double-rod construction to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Integrated reference finger for precise blade position setting relative to the anvil blade
  • 180 degree reversible blade cartridge allows use of both sides of the anvil blade ring, extending blade life
  • No tools required for blade cartridge removal
  • Fully compatible with Tidland Performance Series Knifeholders and dovetail guide bar
  • 360 degree mechanical blade guard available for added safety

Tidland W19 Knifeholder Specifications

  • Blade Diameter105 mm4.13 inches
  • Minimum Slit Width19 mm0.75 inches
  • Downstroke (Main Body)18 mm0.71 inches
  • Horizontal Stroke (Knife)1.8 mm0.07 inches
  • Recommended Air Pressure3 to 6 bar
  • Maximum Slitting Speed1,600 m/min

Tidland W50 Knifeholder Specifications

  • Blade Diameter150 mm5.91 inches
  • Minimum Slit Width50.8 mm2 inches
  • Downstroke (Main Body)50 mm1.97 inches
  • Horizontal Stroke (Knife)1.8 mm0.07 inches
  • Recommended Air Pressure4.1 to 5.2 bar
  • Maximum Slitting Speed1,677 m/min

Tidland W Series Knifeholders deliver excellent cut quality and extended blade life for special applications. The Model W19 can achieve a minimum slit width of 19 mm (0.75 inch) for narrow web applications. The Model W50 features an extended downstroke to increase operator safety during threading.

W Series Knifeholders are rigid and robust thanks to the unique double-rod construction. They feature a reversible blade cartridge and an integrated reference finger for quick and precise adjustment of the knifeholder position. Removal of the blade cartridge from the knifeholder body is accomplished easily without tools or access to the sides of the knifeholder body, so it’s immediately ready to run after a blade change, no repositioning required.